Monday, February 12, 2007

Time to add some color...

Of course we had to add our names to the threshold.Closeup of Rachel and the bright blue door

This is a good shot of the front of the shed and the stairs to the roof, which still needs be be concreted before we put the water tank and affix the solar panels.
Painting the doors one of beautiful bright colors we're selected.

Posing next to my newly completed door, my first ever.

Hanging my first door, which by the way is major pain for a major amatuer like me.
Rachel standing in the doorway before the door gets hung.The bright yellow against the beautiful morning sky.
Gotta to love all the colors. The bottom will be orange, the door, window and top of the stairs bright blue.
Newly finished front threshold
Our color samples for the shed.
Rachel the "general contractor" inspecting the stairs.
After several days of stucco work, my elbows were killing me.
Half finshed stairs with exsposed tires and chicken wire.
The stairs with stucco going around the corner and up to roof level.
The unfinished stair to the northside.
The complete stucco job...time to finish painting.

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Sunday, February 4, 2007

Nearing completion....

This is the start of our tire stair to the roof. The stair are just meant to give access to the solar panels and water tank that will be on the roof.
Speaking of solar panels, here our two of our panels basking in the morning sun...
From this view you can see our RV in the background.
This is the amazing satellite dish that let's me update this blog and much more...we actuall have high speed and use it to make international phone calls.

A shot of the morning sun. Having been raised on the Pacific Ocean with Western sundowns, I must say I prefer the Eastern view with bright early morning sunsrises and the amazing rise of the moon of the Gulf of's incredible.
Here's a view that really shows off the rough exterior texture of the shed. This is nearly as rough as we wanted, but have decided to soften it up just a little.
This view shows how we've soften it up, it also shows the warm summer sun.
The shed and the panels basking in the sun.

Here's a shot of the tires stairs all wrapped in chicken wire and ready for stucco. This image also shows the way the stair wrap around the shed and go all the way up the the roof level.
Here I am stappling the chicken wire to the tires.

A view from the top of the shed.