Sunday, March 18, 2007

Adding Decoration

Wednesday - March 7, 2007

John and I tried and tried to get the tire out of the window. Finally we decided to leave the tire in and make it a window box for flowers or herbs. Now all we need to do is out a covering over the openning, and our friend Melody who is a sculpter of medal. she make a Gecko to cover the openning - It looks so COOL!
I finally finished the stair and made them look smooth. Now all that is needed is a layer of paint; the staires till be orange with the blue as the foot steps. I can not wait to paint and finish the job. John and I have worked so hard to put together our first building.
Our next project is the garden, out door liveing area, and a ramoda to the RV...a big job but we can to do!

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