Sunday, January 21, 2007

January 14 - Now it's coming together

Here's Rachel poking her head through the arched window of the shed. Cool huh, it requires no concrete or rebar and anything other than the bags of sand and barbed wire between them for tensile strength (the tire is removed when the wall is complete). The arch is very strong, much like the arches of ancient construction when there was no concrete yet.

We had to stop for the day because the sun was going down behind the mountains. Beautiful cloud formations above the Sea of Cortez behind Rachel.

What a poser she is...

The tire in the arch is there only for support and will be removed once the wall is complete. The tires in the forwground are stacked and filled with compacted sand and wrap around the building as a staircase to the roof. When completed it will be wrapped in chicken wire and covered in stucco. The roof will house our solar panels and satellite dish.

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rich said...

looking good cant wate to see finished with root and everything thing you start part of ouur house