Sunday, January 28, 2007

Slinging Mud - The stucco begins

I'm trying to pull the tire out before we begin the stucco part of the project and find the tire doesn't want to move. No problem, we'll leave it in, at least for now.
Our first time stucco job. We started with chicken wire and found it just got in the way, so we took it off and started to apply the stucco directly to the bags and it seems to hold just fine.This isn't as easy at it looks our arms were killing us....
End of day one, we managed to get a rough "green layer" applied. All we did was cover as much area as we could in the shortest amount of time.The results of day one....
Here's a closeup view of day one results. Hopefully tomorrow the second layer will grab hold of the rough layer and we'll be off to the races.
Pretty rough huh?

Well, it seemed to have worked. Here is the results of day two. We didn't make it all the way around, but we got three of the four walls covered really well. Now we just need to apply the final stucco coat the level it out, then we're going to apply the Textura stuff we'll get in Mexicali, it's a breathable plaster/plastic coating that is colorized so we don't need to paint. Plus it doesn't crack.

Another view of day two...The tire may get a little tougher to get out, we'll keep you posted. I think we're gonna cut the tire and remove it that way.
Max and Rachel posinf in the tire. Max is loving all the running around in the sand he gets to do.

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rich said...

well i tourgh you had updates to post when you did your.wanted to see progress.all looks good so far.