Thursday, January 25, 2007

Raising the roof...kind of

Here is how the doorheaders are setup, no need for nails, just heavy bags to hold them in place. Once the additional two rows of bags go on, along with the concrete's as solid as a rock!
The door is very simple as you can see, if you look close you can see the 2x4 pieces stuck between the bags (again no nails) and once it's complete the can nail the door from the exposed 2x4's.

This give a good idea of how high it actually is from the inside, here is Rachel posing under the soon to be roof.
You can see from the the two roof shots that the cross beams, that they are also heald in place by the snadbags to either side.
Max found himself a good place to site and watch while we worked.

Tamping the bags down one row at a time, it stregthens the bags and continues to tamp all the bags below creating an even stronger wall.
Of course it took us nealy the entire shed to figure that is was much faster to fill severl rows of bags at once, then we can just lay them in place in a shorter period of time.This shot show me in the window, but it also show the tire retaining wall we started and the leveling of the sand in front of the shed where our greenhouse will be built to house our vergel (Garden).
That's me peeking over the wall from inside.

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